SBC Conference Update: Registration Open, Complete List of Talks Published

The dates for our 2023 conference are October 13 and 14. Please mark your calendars! Our conference theme is “Cultivating and Passing on a Catholic Worldview.”


First, conference registration is now open!

Second, our list of speakers is now complete. Here they are with the talk titles that are currently available:

  • Br. André Marie, MICM: ‘Virtue is the Order of Love’: Charity as Informing the Catholic Worldview
  • John Sharpe: ‘Neither to the Right Hand nor to the Left’: Integral Catholicism in Confrontation with Modernity
  • Mike Church: Repossessing the Real Estate of the Catholic Mind
  • C.J. Doyle: Hilaire Belloc’s Catholic Understanding of History
  • Sr. Maria Philomena, MICM: Choosing Your Words Wisely: The Rhetoric of Passing on the Faith
  • Charles Coulombe: The Uses of Enchantment: Fantasy Literature and Folklore as Means of Instilling a Sacramental View of Life
  • Hugh Owen: The Dogma of Creation as Integral to a Catholic Worldview
  • Chris De Vos: Sacred History as Vital to a Catholic Worldview: Lessons from Catholic Notables of the 19th Century

We would love to see an enormous crowd during this year of great chaos in the Church! Please help us to plan by registering early.

If you want the conference to succeed but cannot come for some reason, please contact us about “paying it forward” — thus allowing someone else to come who would like to but cannot afford it.

Please register now!