Saint Blaise (316)

He was a doctor, a physician, who became a priest, and later was appointed Bishop of Sebaste in Armenia.  He was a martyr for the Faith.  At one time there were thirty churches dedicated to him in Rome.  He is one of the fourteen Holy Helpers and is the protector against diseases of the throat.

This, in feast days, is the first of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.  Three of these Holy Helpers are women, eleven are men.  Here is their list and the special needs for which we invoke them.

Saint Aegidius (Giles) September 1, patron of cripples.

Saint Acacius, May 8, invoked against headaches.

Saint Eustace, September 20, protector against fire, temporal or eternal.


Saint Blaise

Saint Erasmus, June 2, invoked against diseases of the stomach.

Saint Cyriacus, August 8, protector against eye diseases.

Saint Denis, October 9, prayed to for protection against demons.

Saint Christopher, July 25, patron of travelers.

Saint Blaise, February 3, invoked against diseases of the throat.

Saint Vitus (Guy), June 15, prayed to for protection against nervous diseases, epilepsy and paralysis.

Saint Pantaleon, July 27, invoked against lung diseases.

Saint George, April 23, invoked against diseases of the skin.

Saint Barbara, Deccember 4, protects against lightning.

Saint Catherine, November 25, patroness of philosophers and invoked in law suits.

Saint Margaret, July 20, invoked against kidney diseases.