Saint Gregory of Narek was a Catholic

This morning, I telephoned an old Armenian Catholic friend to ask him about Saint Gregory of Narek, recently proclaimed Doctor of the Church by Pope Francis. Joe speaks fluent modern Armenian and reads the old classical Armenian literature. He was, for a time after Wold War II, a novice for the Mekhitarist Congregation of Armenian Catholic monks in Vienna, Austria. He is my go-to man for things Armenian and Catholic, and was a big help to Sister Maria Philomena when she wrote “Crowns for Armenia,” which appeared in From the Housetops 46.

To my question whether or not Gregory was pro- or anti-chalcedonian, Joe unhesitatingly replied that he was pro-chalcedonian, and added, “Of course, he was an Armenian Catholic.” He also expressed the thought that this proclamation of Pope Francis could be helpful for the reunion of the members of the Armenian “National Church” with Rome. The words in quotes were his: he does not like the term “Armenian Apostolic,” because he holds it is based on fabricated history. Joe is going to try to find some things he can send me on the matter.

Meantime, if any of our readers is learned in Armenian Catholic matters, I would love to have anything you can contribute in the comboxes about Saint Gregory’s Catholicity.