Saint Januarius (Gennaro) (304)

Noted in the world everywhere, the great Saint Januarius was martyred for the Catholic Faith under the Emperor Diocletian. His body is now enshrined in the Cathedral of Saint Januarius in Naples. There are two vials of his blood there, which liquefy eighteen times every year, on three occasions. This liquefaction occurs for nine days beginning on the first Sunday in May, to commemorate the translation of his body. It liquefies on his feast day, September 19, and for eight days at that time. And then, it liquefies for one day, on December 16, to commemorate the stopping of the eruption of the volcanic mountain, Mount Vesuvius, which occurred in 1631. Millions of visitors have seen this liquefaction of Saint Januarius’ blood. This miracle is a childlike tribute to the preciousness of the blood of every martyr who shed it for the truth of the one, holy and apostolic Church, founded by Jesus Christ for the salvation of all men.


Saint Januarius (San Gennaro)

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