Saint John Cantius (1473)

He was born at Kenty in Poland. Its Latin name is Cantius, and that is why he is called Saint John Cantius. He became a student and eventually a professor and a preacher at Cracow. He strengthened and brightened the Catholic Faith in the lovely country of Poland by his brilliant, childlike and apostolic teaching. He made many pilgrimages to Rome, on foot and all alone. His devotion to the Passion of Our lord was so great that he walked all the way to Jerusalem to see where Jesus died, hoping to be martyred there by the Turks. A notable story told about Saint John Cantius is that once, on his way to Rome, some robbers beat him and took from him all his money. He had some gold pieces sewed up in his clothes when he told the robbers he had no more money. He had forgotten these gold pieces were there. When he discovered them, he ran after the robbers and gave them the money. The robbers were so impressed by this simplicity and innocence that they threw themselves at his feet, gave him back all they had stolen from him and begged his forgiveness.

Saint John of Kanty (Cantius)

Saint John of Kenty miraculously restores a poor woman’s water jug (source)