Santiago Abascal, of Spain’s VOX Party, Speaks to Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson interviewed the head of the VOX Party in Spain, Santiago Abascal. While religious questions made little more than a cameo appearance in the interview, and while there was more emphasis on what VOX opposes than what it supports, the interview presents us a snapshot of what is going on in Spain, where an extremist socialist government is stamping out opposition, creating legal double standards that enforce “wokeismo” (a funny American import into Spanish) upon Spaniards who do not like it, while passing laws that allow the rapidly growing immigrant community to commit record amounts of brutal gang rapes under the most feminist of governments.

Among the subjects discussed were the Spanish Civil War and the socialist’s brutal persecution of the Church before and during that horrible conflict; Cultural Marxism (the current methodology of the left), of which “wokeism” is a major part; profligate immigration combined with Spain’s abysmal birthrate leading to obvious demographic disaster; the war against Spain’s history, culture, and national identity; and what the VOX Party has in common with Polish and Hungarian anti-globalist parties. George Soros is mentioned as one of the globalist supporters of the current socialist regime in Spain, but Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s current Prime Minister, is the real villain of the interview. (I don’t encourage drinking games, but I could see someone thinking up a sport that obliges its participants to do something every time the name “Pedro Sánchez” is mentioned — perhaps, saying an Ave María Purísima for Spain’s conversion.)

Any readers who know what is really going on in Spain are invited to comment below. I am especially interested in hearing from those with Carlist connections who are deeply formed in Spain’s Catholic history and culture.

Is VOX just an anti-globalist reaction against socialism, or is there any depth to it?