SBC Friends’ Accounts of the Boston ‘SatanCon’ Event

For a variety of reasons, this report comes belatedly — over a month after the event. However, we believe its contents to be still timely as the spiritual combat that it involves is not only perennial, but ever increasing in our day.

YOU probably know of the blasphemous Satanic conference, called SatanCon, which took place on April 28-30 at the Marriott Copley Place Conference Center in Boston. This second annual SatanCon event was organized and attended by Satan worshipers who assembled from across the country. Concerned Americans and Christians traveled great distances to Boston to pray at a Rosary Rally close to the event, in order to make public reparation. SBC friends, Br. David Mazzola, Yasmine Koutsivos, James Jones and others were present.

Br. David Mazzola said there were more than 100 protestors including TFP (Tradition Family & Property) members, who led the prayer rally. He speculated that the small number of Catholics who were present “was probably due to the fact they were advised by the Boston archdiocesan officials not to attend in person (which they alleged would cast too much attention on the Satanists), but to pray in their local churches, which fortunately, many took advantage of, even well into the early morning hours.” Brother’s own mother and sister “were at their parish church in Hyannis at 3:00 a.m. Friday morning, when a large gathering of Portuguese families, children and all, entered and attended Mass, which was said in reparation for the blasphemy.” Brother later spoke with a waiter in a North End Italian restaurant, “who [said] his wife was in St. Leonard’s Church, across the street at Adoration, to make atonement, and that he was going to take her place after he got out of work.” Brother David pointed out that there were some Evangelicals protesting SatanCon across the street from where they prayed. “Unfortunately, instead of putting aside their differences for the time being and uniting with our group to fight the common enemy, at least one vocal Protestant, on a bullhorn, kept condemning us for ‘worshipping’ Mary and the Pope. An TFP member overheard one of the Satanists noting the division, saying, “we have nothing to worry about.”

Yasmine Koutsivos offered, “The best part was when the bagpipes and drums started shaking up the land with religious and patriotic songs; when they played God Bless America in front of the Marriott . . . that brought tears to my eyes.” Miss Koutsivos was inspired to pray, on her knees, for the salvation of some Satanists who walked by them. While praying the Rosary, she begged Our Lord to empower the Satanists’ Guardian Angels to intercede. Yasmine was saddened that more Catholics were not present to protest the SatanCon event in person and encouraged more Catholics to participate in future Rosary Rallies.

James Jones reported, “With mixed emotions, I write to you to express my opinion on the trip to Boston. On the one hand, it was a great opportunity to push back, ‘prayerfully’ against the forces of darkness, no longer hiding in the shadows, as it were. The comments of St. Luke (Ch. 11, v. 29) came to mind: “This generation is a wicked generation: it asketh a sign, and a sign shall not be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet.” It rang out over and over in my mind. I was happy to attend the rally, but sadly we live in a time where this needs to take place . . . As one person stated, ‘Boots on the ground were needed.’ Praying with all the groups, the Rosary, along with other ‘Catholic prayers, was powerful, and seeing the statue of our Blessed Virgin Mary held by the young men was efficacious, along with the bagpipes and drums which surely stirred souls for this spiritual combat.”

James added, “It seems that many of the Protestants, who also were seemingly in place to engage in this prayer event, did not find it enough to unify.” James echoed what Brother David observed. “To say it was disappointing to hear, after a time, shouted from bullhorns, phrases such as, ‘Do not listen to those that worship idols, Catholics, worship the Pope,” and many other untruths and verbal absurdities over and over. It was certainly divisive, to say the least. At one point, I crossed the street and expressed to one of these men, ‘Today is not a day to be divided, as our battle is not with each other on this day, but with what is happening within the walls of the Marriott at this so-called, conference.’ This attempt fell on deaf ears, as well as lips. After this futile attempt, I spoke with an older Catholic gentlemen. He said that on the previous day this also took place, and a so-called satanist came out of the Marriott and stated, ‘Look at the Christians, they cannot even get along with each other, we have nothing to worry about.’”

James ended with this: “The graces from our presence and prayers at the event remain, and/or continue, but so do many earthly questions about how evil/sin must be conquered, as well as, the work that is needed to be done, to unify followers of Christ to the “One true, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, that our Lord Jesus Christ, established on earth. There is always the hope in the generations to follow, and that was surely evident at this rally.”

While considering those who assisted at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, prayed Rosaries and made Holy Hours, to make reparation and combat the evils taking place at the SatanCon event, we are reminded of St. John Bosco’s dream, 160 years ago, about the two mighty columns rising up out of the turbulent sea. The dream “concerns the battles of the Church against many adversaries, the sufferings of the Pope and the final triumph through devotion to the Eucharist and to Mary, Help of Christians” (Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco, from Saint John Bosco’s Biographical Memoirs, TAN Publishers, page 205). In the dream, the Pope is wounded multiple times and then dies. A new Pope immediately takes the helm and “all of his energies are directed at steering the ship (representing the Church) towards those two mighty columns which represent Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and Mary Most Holy, Help of Christians.”

May the prayers and acts of reparation of all those who attended, or supported the Rosary Rally from afar, be united with Holy Mother Church, through the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the greatest act of reparation possible, to put an end to SatanCon, so the vile event never happens again.