Selwyn Duke: Liberalism Created the WDBJ Killer

Over at, Selwyn Duke well describes the causality behind the formation of Vester Lee, that narcissistic professional victim that vented his rage at innocent people through the muzzle of a Glock.

Liberals will call for laws and government programs to fix this, not realizing that their favorite cures (legislation, technology, expensive Nanny-State programs, etc.) do not fix moral problems, which is what we have here in spades — and which is causing the death-spiral our culture is in. (Gary Potter makes this point well in “Suicide.”) And those problems, while of our own making (all of us, mutatis mutandis), are justified and enabled by the institutionalized moral turpitude of liberalism.

The article should be read by parents, as should this comment that was left there by one Tom Sheehan:

After graduating college in 1961, I enlisted in the Coast Guard. The boot camp was 12 weeks of hell, but I was able to endure because I was schooled for 8 years by nuns, who’d knock you silly and humiliate you just for what you were thinking, and 8 more years of (pre-60s) Jesuits who carried on the tradition. I don’t resent one second of the drubbing they gave me. After the CG got through with me, I figured I could stand up to just about anything.

Here are three worthy paragraphs from Mr. Duke’s piece, which deserves to be read in its entirety:

Barack Obama won’t be saying, “If I had a psycho son, he’d look like Vester Lee.” But he might as well. Because Vester Lee Flanagan II, the bigoted maniac who murdered the WDBJ reporter and cameraman Wednesday on live TV, was a philosophical offspring of the Left.

There have been many articles in recent years about how college graduates today enter the workforce with unrealistic expectations about their economic self-worth and starting salary. We hear about how so many of them can’t tolerate criticism and rejection; act as if their own feelings are inordinately important and should command respect; and how they lack a sense of propriety, a grasp of their place in a workplace’s hierarchy. As a consequence, they may barge into an office to vent their feelings, even if it’s neither the time nor the place.

This is all the result of liberal parenting, of the psychobabble disgorged by the likes of Dr. Benjamin Spock. It’s no wonder many young people today have little sense of just hierarchies – their permissive liberal parents didn’t establish a just hierarchy in the home. Instead, they acted as if their family was a dysfunctional democracy and junior a special-interest group that political correctness dictated must be coddled and catered to. Junior seldom heard the word “No!” uttered in exclamatory fashion; junior seldom had to delay gratification; junior got participation trophies just for showing up. He was treated as a little prince around whom the world revolved. He was marinated in “self-esteem” pap in schools, telling him how great and special he was. The result? Junior and many of his peers (not that he imagined he had any peers) grew up to be narcissists.