Carmelite Sister Mary Joseph of the Trinity: Wife, Socialite, Mother of 10, RIP (June 6, 2021) at 92

National Catholic Register, Joan Frawley Desmond: In one tweet, Mark (her son) reported that his mother had “28 grandchildren, some of whom she has never seen.”

Other tweets reviewed highlights of his mother’s life preceding her religious vocation: her marriage at age 20; 5 children by age 27; her “million and one friends,” the 1984 death of her husband, Richard “Dick” Miller, a senior executive at PG&E, a public utility; and her fateful decision to enter the Carmel five years later, after her last child graduated from college.

Ann closed that chapter of her life and began her new one at the Des Plaines Carmel with characteristic flair. As Mark recalled on Twitter, “she had a farewell party with 800 guests at a San Francisco hotel and flew to Chicago the next day”  (my italic). Article is here.