Soldier’s Miraculous Escape from Helicopter Crash Leads to His Return to Catholic Faith

CNA: “I just went into the Latin Mass — I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Latin Mass — and I just fell in love,” Beatson told The Catholic Leader newspaper in Australia.

“I sort of feel like my childhood was robbed in a way, that I didn’t get to grow up with the love of Christ, and didn’t get to have a lot of the teachings and morals instilled in me from a young age.”

Now that Beatson is a practicing Catholic, he said that he considers the faith to be “a treasure” that he wants to share with others.

“My life is different now because I am not just living for myself anymore. I am trying to — obviously failing a lot — but I am trying to live my life for Christ. I am trying to come to know him and to love him more … to allow his love and his light shine through me. And I just feel so at peace,” he told EWTN.

“In today’s culture — especially young men — we are fed a lot of lies about what young men should be. And really the best example for a man is our Lord Jesus. It is just such an incredible feeling and an incredible love. His love and his grace really changed my life and it can change your life too.” Account is here.