Has Father Antonio Spadaro Blasphemed Our Lord?

In Papal Adviser Father Antonio Spadaro Accused of ‘Heretical Blasphemy,’ respected Catholic Journalist Edward Pentin produces his own translation from of an Italian commentary written by Father Spadaro for the August 20 edition of Il Fatto Quotidiano, which Mr. Pentin describes as “a highly secular left-wing Italian daily.”

Father Spadaro — a member of the Society of Jesus and a close collaborator of Pope Francis — is the editor of the once great Jesuit periodical La Civilta Cattolica, which, while not an official organ of the Holy See, has very close ties to it.

Unless the highly credentialed Mr. Pentin, who is fluent in Italian, has lied or made egregious translation errors — both unlikely — Father Spadaro has reproduced, and even outdone, some of the more scandalous interpretations of the beautiful episode recorded in the Gospels of Jesus’ encounter with the gentile “woman of Canaan” (Matt. 15:21-28). Based upon the Pentin translation, calling Father Spadaro’s piece “heretical blasphemy” is not at all exaggerated language.

Father Spadaro’s fellow Jesuit, Father James Martin, has a similarly blasphemous Tweet on the subject.

Included in Father Spadaro’s accusations against the Incarnate Logos are that He was,

– indifferent to suffering;
– irritable and insensitive;
– inscrutably harsh;
– [an] unmerciful theologian;
– mocking and disrespectful towards the poor mother;
– showing a lapse in attitude, manner and humanity;
– blinded by nationalism and theological rigorism;
– rigid, confused and in need of conversion;
– sick and imprisoned by rigidity and the dominant theological, political and cultural elements of his time;
– [a] glorifier of the pagan faith.

(Concerning this passage in the Gospel, readers are invited to read a Christologically sound commentary by Brian Kelly here on this site.)

Mr. Pentin includes two helpful links for those who would like to see these errors refuted and the genuine beauty of the passage brought out in a completely orthodox manner:

  • “Here is St John Chrysostom’s homily on Jesus and the Faith of the Canaanite Woman.”
  • “See also this helpful article by Nicholas LaBlanca in which he unpacks similar modernist and heterodox interpretations of this Gospel story.”

Read Mr. Pentin’s piece here: Papal Adviser Father Antonio Spadaro Accused of ‘Heretical Blasphemy.’