Special Conference Announcement

Due to lamentable circumstances beyond his and our control, the traditional religious priest who was scheduled to give two talks at our upcoming conference, Father Sean Kopczynski, is unable to be present at the event.

Both the good Father Sean and the M.I.C.M. sponsors of the Conference are very sorry for this.

God is good, though, and we have filled his two slots with other speakers who are quite up to the task. In the spot given to Father Sean on Friday, we will have instead a presentation on “Life after Pope Benedict” by Mr. Charles Coulombe (who will speak once more on Saturday). In the Saturday spot vacated by Father Sean, we will have a special surprise, a presentation by a very scholarly traditional religious from Rome, who will speak on “Creation and the Divine Order of Things: the Truths to Combat the Errors of Our Age.”

Although Father Sean’s absence from our program causes us sadness, God has already brought good out of it.

Please see the revised schedule online.