Spirit Daily Hosts Article by ‘Paranormal Minister’ Upset With Latin Mass Ad Orientem

I was surprised by this. I did not know that Spirit Daily website in addition to being promoters of Medjugorje was also against the traditional Mass. Title of this sorry piece of emotional nonsense is “Please don’t take this Miracle from Us”. The “miracle” being the new Mass. Goodness says Jan, the Latin Mass will take us “back to Vatican I.” Well, Jan, I am sorry to inform you but the traditional Latin Mass will take you back much farther than Vatican I.  

Spirit Daily: Jan Reagor: As I walked from the chapel at the Newman Center I felt numb and was on the verge of tears. “How can the people at the Vatican do this to us? It feels like they are sneaking us backwards into Vatican I,” I thought as I walked to my car. Two weeks ago I attended a Mass at the Newman Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The altar was set-up so the priest turned his back to us, and most of the prayers were in Latin. I felt heart sick. More here.