SPLC Attorney Among 23 ANTIFA Rioters Arrested On Domestic Terrorism Charges

Below is the beginning of an article on Zerohedge covering the arrest of twenty-three ANTIFA rioters, one of whom is an Oxford-trained attorney on the payroll of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Below that is an embedded segment from Jesse Waters’ show on Fox News covering the same incident.

The SPLC is the organization that frames conservative Christian organizations as “hate groups,” and tries to sick law enforcement on them. But they mostly fund-raise. The Richmond FBI field office was recently caught using these disreputable scammers as a source for a memo recommending the surveillance and infiltration of “Radical Traditionalist Catholics” including our community. Thankfully, after the memo was leaked, the higher-ups at the FBI retracted the infamous memo.

Obviously, he is entitled to his day in court, but if SPLC attorney Thomas Webb Jurgens is the domestic terrorist he was arrested as, he will add to the much deserved notoriety of the SPLC. It’s long past due that the SPLC be seen for what it is. The same, obvioiusly, goes for ANTIFA.

Since late January when a fatal shooting between Atlanta-area police and ANTIFA affiliates broke out, Georgia’s capital has become ground zero of the continually fomenting hostilities from the radical leftist group. The tenuous situation saw that violence continue at the site of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center Sunday evening. Under the pretense of a “mostly peaceful protest,” rioters unleashed their fury by destroying construction equipment at the site of where Georgia State Patrol Troopers had exchanged gunfire with protesters occupying the site in late January. The latest ANTIFA insurgency resulted in the arrest of 23 people on domestic terrorism charges.

Thomas Webb Jurgens was one of the 23 arrested on Sunday according to DeKalb County arrest records. Jurgens arrest is notable because he is employed as a staff attorney at the Decatur, Georgia office of the Southern Povery Law Center. Ironically, the SPLC have cultivated a partnership with state and federal law enforcement across the United States to designate and investigate extremists groups like those engaged in domestic terrorism across the country. Now, they are in a position where it’s difficult to unequivocally deny the criticism levied against them that their own members qualify to be designated among those ranks.

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