Sri Lanka: ‘Moslem’ Girl, Killed at Easter Mass Terror Attack, Saw Jesus Sprinkling Water on Her

I record this as an example of how only God knows who is baptized and who is not. This girl’s mother was a Catholic, but her father Moslem. She told her mother about seeing Jesus and the mother understood that Jesus wanted the girl to be baptized. The girl, whose name was Fathima (Fatima), went to Mass every Sunday. It is inconceivable that the mother did not baptize her daughter, which she would have had to do secretly on account of the father being Moslem.

CNA, Mary Rezac; : “Although Fathima Azla was not baptized, she used to come for the Sunday Mass. Prior to this Easter, she had seen Jesus and some angels in dreams, and once very recently she had told the family members that she saw Jesus sprinkling some water on her,” De-Silva recalled. “Her mother has told her may be Jesus wants her to be baptized…and she had drawn some pictures of Jesus. However, Fathima Azla was one of the innocent victims of the terror attack.” Story is here.