Stealth Globalism: UN Agenda 21

Here is a question for you: Have you ever heard of UN Agenda 21? No? How about ICLEI? Most assuredly not! I’ll bet you have heard some of the following buzzwords: “sustainable development,” “redistribution of wealth,” “social justice,” “population change” (meaning population reduction); “centralized control,” “climate change” (formerly “global warming”), “smart growth,” “green jobs, energy, building codes,” etc., “consensus building,” “biodiversity,” “local visioning,” “community input,” “communitarianism” (meaning the community is more important than the individuals) or “resilient cities?” Surely you know this one: “Think globally; act locally.” These are phrases that have been tossed around for the past twenty years. Why twenty years?

In 1992, at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was born Agenda 21 (for the twenty-first century). Two years before that ICLEI was hatched. The International Council for Local Environment Initiatives soon became the child of Agenda 21 – its local arm which would introduce the principles of the 1100-page Agenda 21 into local state and town governments across the globe. George Bush I signed that document committing the United States to the principles of it.

Scary Principles

Just what are those principles? Well, let’s take a look.

In the Preamble of this document (google UN Agenda 21 preamble) one finds these statements: There are “disparities between nations;” there is “poverty, hunger, ill health, illiteracy and deterioration of ecosystems.’’ No nation can do this (alleviate the above-mentioned conditions) on its own. A Global partnership is necessary.” This will require “substantial flow of new and additional financial resources to developing countries in order to … accelerate sustainable development.”

When one scans the document for the cost of everything the globalists have planned, one’s mouth drops open at the huge estimated amounts expected from the international community. For each section, the amount is in the billiions. We are in a “new global partnership” for – guess what? – “sustainable development.’’

Scrolling through the document’s section 7, “Promoting Sustainable Human Development,” one finds such phrases as “reproductive health programs,” ”responsible planning of family size,” ”number and spacing of children,” and “comprehensive environmental programs.” We all know that the first three phrases are euphemisms for birth control and abortion. Does that mean mere accessibility to those evils or does it mean they will be enforced by the new global police just as China has a one-child per family policy of enforced abortion if a couple conceives a second child?

More Plans for Mankind

Here are a few other goodies that our global masters have planned for us: A huge tax on gasoline will be imposed – so high that it would be impossible for the normal family to use an automobile; transportation patterns would be changed to make travel slow and difficult; the population would be forced to move into urban areas to live in multi-family structures (i.e., no more single-family homes); human access to “open space” would be forbidden so that most of the land reverts to its wild state; private property would be eliminated; population would be reduced (fewer of us nasty humans to pollute the planet); and everyone would be forced to participate in “national service” – just like the Nazis and Communists mandated.

It is important to keep in mind that Agenda 21 is meant to apply to every man, woman and child on the face of the earth. A reading of some sections of the document makes you think “That’s a good idea!” After all, who would be against eliminating tuberculosis and beri-beri, feeding the poor, and having clean air? The real danger with Agenda 21 lies in the fact that it is a supra-national thing – Big Daddy in the United Nations and the wealthy globalists are dictating what Americans, as well as the French, the Italians, the Russians, etc. will be forced to do and how we will live. None of these people are elected by the folks they will be pushing around!

Who Are These People?

The idea for Agenda 21 was born in the mind of Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, a Norwegian socialist who headed the United Nations World Health Organization and is Vice President of the World Socialist Party. As an interesting aside, the Norwegian shooter who killed ninety-three people in his assault on the youth camp in Norway last summer claims that she was his primary target because of her party’s policy of allowing so many Muslims to emigrate to Norway. He claims that his timing was not right. That is why she was not among the victims.

Another character in the mix is Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet Communist leader, who presented his Earth Charter to the 1997 Rio-Plus-Five summit. You can bet that Gorby sees Agenda 21 as a way to spread his former Communism under its new face of “Communitarianism.”

Maurice Strong, Canadian, former Secretary General of the United Nations and chairman of the Earth Council, is another serious one-worlder. Guess what country he supports and resides in – Communist China! Strong has been referred to as the environmental George Soros. I found it most interesting that the Preamble to the Earth Charter, which Gorby and Strong worked on jointly, begins with the exact same wording as the Preamble to UN Agenda 21.

Here also we have the Clintons with their Clinton Global Initiative, Van Jones, the ousted former Obama Administration Environmental “czar” whose questionable Marxist leanings were the reason for his being dumped by the President. (He was not vetted properly was the excuse.) There are others as well, as a quick search of the Internet will show.

Signing on to Agenda 21

Frighteningly, many cities and towns around the world have signed on to this monstrous idea. How can you find out if yours is among them? Here is the way: 1. Type on your web browser. Click GO. 2. On the top bar menu, click on MEMBERS. 3. On the left side column, click on GLOBAL MEMBERS. You will be directed to a page of all the local government members of ICLEI listed alphabetically by country. Scroll down to the United States of America. You will find a list of all the towns and cities; keep in mind that it may not be complete. It is disheartening to see the number of American cities listed.

Signing Off

On the bright side, it is possible to reverse the tide. Many towns have realized the implications of getting involved in this plan to reorient the way the world works. They have come to the realization that Communitarianism is not American. The State of Alabama has made it illegal for state and town governments to have any involvement in Agenda 21. Several Texas cities have pulled out, primarily because of ICLEI’s association with the United Nations. Ocean County, New Jersey, rejected the scheme because of its socialist/communist basis. Anti-Agenda 21 activists are beginning to educate government officials on the dangers of this all-encompassing plan. Local folks who are worried are speaking up. Several towns here in New Hampshire have rejected the Agenda as well.

As always, the best way to ensure that our liberties as Americans are not trampled upon by such broad-based and unAmerican schemes is to educate ourselves and remain vigilant as to what goes on around us. Remember, it begins at the local level. Rest assured that there is no place for “freedom of religion” in Agenda 21. Its religion is that of the United Nations and the one worlders. There are literally hundreds of articles on the Internet; so educating oneself and one’s friends and neighbors should be an easy task. It is bad enough when Big Brother pushes us around within our own borders; do we want the more evil and Bigger Brothers of the United Nations to do it too?