‘Symbolic of His Struggle against Reality’

The crew of Monty Python’s Flying Circus could hardly be considered paladins of orthodoxy or sound morals. To be direct about the matter, they are public blasphemers. Which is why the short excerpt below, brought to my attention by Mike Church, is so telling.

In 1979, when the horrible film, The Life of Brian, was produced, liberal progressivists — even of the mockingly anti-Christian sort — could poke fun at a man who wanted to be a woman and have babies. When Eric Idle said, “From now on, I want you all to call me Loretta,” it was met with gales of laughter — just as it still is in certain non-infected segments of the populace.

But now, thirty-seven years later, liberal progressivists have evolved beyond such things. Now, what the liberal progressivists of less than a biblical generation ago thought was funny must be regarded as cruel, wicked “cisgender” hate. It must be stamped out, and flushed — preferably down the porcelain fixtures of a gender-bending privy that Stan-turned-Loretta can consider his-her safe space in our sick modern world.