Team of Chinese and Turks Find and Explore Noe’s Ark

Although for about two thousand years inhabitants in the region affirmed that there was a huge boat on top of Mount Ararat, and pictures were taken through the ice glacier by explorers many times in the last century, this is the the most advanced discovery yet. What a prodigious time for this with the pope about to visit Turin and venerate the Holy Shroud of Jesus! I will post more on this as more information comes in.

CNA reports: “For more than 2,000 years, historical and eyewitnesses accounts tell us that there is an ancient boat on Mt. Ararat which survived a great flood and landed on the mountain,” said Muhsin Bulut, Cultural Ministries Director of Agri Province, at the press conference Sunday. “People believed that it is Noah’s Ark. I believe the team has finally located this ancient boat and I believe it is Noah’s Ark.” Read full report here with links.