The Annulment Mess: Videos and Resources

We live in a day when a false mercy threatens both the welfare of children and the sacraments instituted by Our Lord Jesus Christ. One way that false mercy manifests itself is in the way annulments are conceived and carried out.

From a doctrinal point of view, there is no problem with a declaration of sacramental nullity if sufficient reason for it is discovered. Any purported sacrament can be rendered invalid by some defect of matter, form, minister, or intent. That is not the question. The question is whether the annulment process as carried out is really to determine that, or has it become, in many places, a de-facto “Catholic divorce” because the process is so heavily stacked in favor of nullity.

For some of those going through the horror of divorce, that horror is compounded when the departing spouse begins the process of annulment. Then, meetings with clerical or lay diocesan officials involved in the proceedings reveal how skewed things are — and how callous people can be to children, whose begetting and rearing is the primary end of Holy Matrimony.

People going through this mess need to know about the organization “Save our Sacrament”:

SOS is a network of former Respondents whose purpose is to offer support to new Respondents facing the annulment process, via online advising and education. This support helps Respondents work through the Catholic annulment labyrinth to the successful outcome of ‘saving their sacrament’ and their self-respect.

This mission is based on our belief in the dignity of the Respondent, the welfare of each child in these marriages, and the validity of the marriage sacrament as God’s Grace.

Below are some videos that expose what many have experienced as the farcical nature of the process.

“Wife breaks news to husband about pending divorce and annulment”:

“Husband as Respondent defending the validity of his marriage gives his testimony to a Tribunal Judge who is obviously biased towards annulment”: