The Beautiful Graces That Brought Alec Guinness Into the Catholic Church

Catholic AnswersRita Reichardt: Sir Alec Guinness is considered one of the finest actors of the twentieth century, known for his ability to portray a wide range of characters. His portrayal of Hamlet on the London stage was widely acclaimed, and he won international success in his films. Who can forget his masterly depiction of Fagan in Oliver Twist or the wry humor in the comedies Kind Hearts and Coronets (in which he played eight roles), The Man in the White SuitThe Lavender Hill Mob, and The Captain’s Paradise? Story is here.

One more note. Before Guinness died he wrote a book of memoirs  A Positively Final Appearance: A Journal: 1996-1998, in which he lamented

If I have one regret (leaving aside a thousand failings as a person, husband, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend — and my lazy, slapdash, selfish attitude as an actor) it would be that I didn’t take the decision to become a Catholic in my early twenties. That would have sorted out a lot of my life and sweetened it. (p. 560)