The Carlists in America

We are soon to publish an article on the Carlists of Spain. The video below provides a “warm up” for that later piece, and from an interesting point of view, as it concerns Carlist assistance to the Confederacy. What interests us in the Carlistas is primarily their social doctrine, that is, their Catholic polity. They were — and are still — anti-Enlightenment, Counter-Revolutionary Catholics, who, since 1833, defended the social reign of Jesus Christ, as well as the traditions of Spanish monarchy.

Here is how Gary Potter wrote of them in the article “Spain’s Crusade”:

“Deserving of mention also are the Carlists, without whose arms and sacrifices victory could well have eluded the Catholic, national side of the conflict. It would be desirable to speak of them not simply on account of their importance in the Crusade but because, except for the heroes of the Vendee in the 1790s and the Cristeros in Mexico in the 1920s and 30s, no body of Catholics has struggled and fought against the Revolution, on the battlefield and off, more valiantly than they. Moreover, they still exist. The Carlists, or the Traditionalist Communion (as their movement is formally known), remain a force in Spain and even among men in other lands.”