The Crucifix of La Salette, The Hammer and the Pincers

Sprituality and Charism, Father Joseph Mary Futy, M.S.:

Maximin said: “The ‘Beautiful Lady’ wore a cross, about eight inches long: on one side of the cross there was a hammer and on the other, pincers” (from “Notes of Fr. D. Lagier”).

Melanie said: “She had a very small chain to which was attached a crucifix: at the right, pincers; at the left, a hammer” (from “The Truth Concerning La Salette” by Fr. Pierre J. Rousselot).

Such is the simple description given by the two witnesses of the crucifix which the Blessed Virgin wore, during her Apparition to them, upon the Mountain of La Salette, September 19, 1846. This crucifix, quite singular in its makeup, with its hammer and pincers, has become known as the “Crucifix of La Salette”. Read explanation here.