The High Cost of Undermining Fatherhood

This is a very important Vortex. Michael Voris encapsulates into a very short video many of the points I’ve tried to make on this site, in such postings as Montfortian Masculinity, The Hearts of the Fathers, Turning the Hearts of the Fathers, Devirilization of the Church, The Love of Masculinity, and, most recently, To the Men.

If masculinity and fatherhood are not recovered in Church and State, our various crises can only accelerate, as Michael’s data plainly show.

In light of this, we see how incredibly wicked is the agenda of some churchmen to capitulate to the anti-family ideology of progressivists, which drastically undermines fatherhood.

May God increase, bless, and reward those spiritual fathers in the Church who are bucking the zeitgeist and working to build up family fatherhood, and build up the Catholic family.