The Mystic and the Martyr: Two Irish Priests, One a Great Scholar, the Other A Martyr in China

I have not been able yet to verify it yet, but I strongly suspect that our founder Father Leonard Feeney was related to these two holy priests, Father William Leonard and Father Timothy Leonard. The Leonards were from Balleycraheen, Limerick, a town very close to where the Feeneys were from in Ireland. And Father Feeney’s mother was a Leonard.

ChurchPop, Georgette Bechara: In June 1961, a casket was carried down the steps of St Mary’s Cathedral. Cardinal Gilroy, with miter and crosier, led the funeral procession. The casket carried one of Australia’s great Biblical scholars, Rev. Dr William Leonard, a theologian, academic, priest and mystic who taught at St Patrick’s Seminary, Manly. As the decades passed, the story of Dr Leonard, became from legend, to memory, to being almost forgotten. Story is here.