The Parable of the Rats

1 At that time, when he was teaching in the temple, he spoke unto them this parable, saying:

2 “The kingdom of Satan is like a chief scientist and his treatment group of rats. 3 The rats did consume steadily of junk food, thinking within themselves, ‘let us shun healthy meats, and eat compulsively of Ho Hos and cheesecake given us by the chief scientist, inducing dopamine in our brains so as to make us feel great pleasure.’

4 “They did eat, and they did binge themselves even unto obesity.

5 “After five days the chief scientist and his hired scientists returned to discover profound reductions in the sensitivity of the rat brains’ pleasure centers. 6 And they marveled greatly. 7 And they did experiment the more, and, using all manner of shock treatment and neurological monitoring, they did take notes make discoveries.

8 “Then the chief scientist spoke to his hired scientists these words, saying: 9 ‘Let us take away their Ho Hos and cheesecake, and give them only healthy meats.’ And the rats did not eat, and they starved themselves for as long even as a fortnight. 10 And the scientists wondered exceedingly, saying: 11 ‘This is the hallmark of addiction,’ and ‘Their dietary preferences are dramatically shifted.’

12 “And the chief scientist and his hired scientists rejoiced with great joy.”

13 When he had spoken this parable, the producers and the publishers sought to lay hands on him that same hour: but they feared the people, for they knew that he spoke this parable to them.