The Peace Sign

The Peace Sign is not a sign of true peace.  No one agrees on the exact meaning of this symbol, first used by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in 1958, during a demonstration against Aldermaston (a British research center for the development of nuclear weapons).

The militant atheist, Bertand Russell, who was president of the CND at the time, seems to have commissioned Gerald Holtom to design it. According to the 1986 Encyclopedia Britannica, Russell was a “logician and philosopher…who wrote with a barbed wit from a politically, morally, and intellectually left-wing radical and anti-obscurantist point of view.” He was so liberal and immoral that he was fired from one of the most liberal and immoral colleges in our country (City College, New York) on the grounds that he was too liberal and immoral.

Regarding the peace symbol itself, some sources state that it signifies only Nuclear Disarmament. Others state that it is a “broken cross” (also called “witch’s foot,” “raven’s foot,” “sign of the broken Jew,” or “Nero’s cross”).  It could also be an inverted life rune, from the ancient German (Teutonic) alphabet or system of pictographs. The inverted life rune is called the Todesrune, or the rune of death, and was part of pagan German  mysticism  (devil worship).  Many sources consulted linked the peace symbol to all of the above meanings. It is impossible to know just what reasons Russell and Holtom had in designing the symbol, but it is interesting to note that “the South African government, in the 1970s, seriously considered forbidding it. They found it ‘anti-Christian’ and ‘pro-Communist.'”

Whether or not the peace symbol is overtly satanic, there are two reasons to despise it as un-Catholic:

  1. its origins from such a wretch as Russell, whose anti-Christian ideology influenced the so-called “peace movement”
  2. the false pretence that “peace” is even possible in this fallen world, especially when the rule of Jesus Christ the King is abandoned in favor of liberal democracies and the secular state.