The Vatican’s weak defense of the Rome-Beijing accord

Catholic Culture, Phil Lawler: Late last week Gianni Valente, the director of the Fides news agency, posted a strong defense of the Vatican’s secret agreement with Beijing. His statement was extraordinary in three respects.

First, although the editorial ran over 1,000 words, it did not mention the name of Cardinal Joseph Zen. A revered prelate of the Catholic Church was facing a criminal trial on spurious charges, and the director of the Vatican’s official news agency for the missionary Church did not did consider that outrage worth mentioning as he weighed the pros and cons (well, the pros, at least) of the secret agreement.

Second, since it is a secret agreement, the editorial cannot elaborate on the specifics of the accord, explaining that the Vatican has conceded and what Beijing has promised, so that readers might judge for themselves whether this pact represents a diplomatic success or failure. Report is here.