The Veil of Manoppello, The True Image of the Face of the Risen Christ

In our November/December 2007 issue of the Mancipia, Dr. Maike Hickson wrote a fascinating article about the Veil of Manoppello. Maike, who is from Germany, read an article about the veil by a German journalist named Paul Badde in a German magazine. She was extremely excited about the news of this miraculous veil and wondered if it really does carry the imprint of the face of Christ at the moment of His resurrection. When she asked me for my opinion I had to admit that I never heard of the Veil of Manoppello. In fact, after inquiring around, I couldn’t find anyone who had. This surprised Maike,who had only recently converted to the Faith. Truth be told, the Veil of Manoppello is probably the best kept Catholic secret I have ever heard of. After reading about the research and findings of Paul Badde, I was more than convinced of the Veil’s authenticity.  As we approach Holy Week and Easter, we can contemplate the actual image of the face of God, both in death and in life, in the tomb (on the holy shroud of Turin) and emerging glorified therefrom (on the holy sudarium, the veil).  If you have not read this article on the Veil of Manoppello or seen the sacred Icon, then take a few minutes to do so. Let’s not let this gift from the God-Man be any longer a well-kept secret. Behold the Face of Christ! (scroll down to page 8 of the Mancipia)

Paul Badde’s meticulous research, personal interviews,  and lucid journalistic style was crafted into the book: The Face of God. It was translated by Henry Taylor into English and is available from our website bookstore. The 378 page book is also graced with twenty pages of color pictures. You can order The Face of God here.

Zenit News: A veil in Manoppello, kept secret for centuries and only recently reemerging, illustrates Christ’s resurrection in a way that will change the world, says Paul Badde. Badde, author of “The Face of God: The Rediscovery of the True Face of Jesus” (Ignatius Press), explained to ZENIT how this veil features “uncountable” images of the Risen Christ. Read the rest of this article here.