They Just Don’t Give Up: From Evolution to ETs

This is worse than the idle word. It is not a “Catholic Attitude” as author Tom Hoopes slleges in his piece.

Aleteia, Tom Hoopes: What if we’re not alone in the universe? What if there are other intelligent beings with bodies out there?

The question has arisen a lot lately, with UFO reports growing in frequency and credibility — but Christians have looked at that question for years. Here are four attitudes. Read full article here.

My response: “I believe that we can understand cosmic questions only through particulars. I can understand God only through one specific particular, the incarnation of Jesus of Nazareth.” Indeed. Sanity. Bravo. May I add “and His mother.” Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception is a “unique Privilege” (as the papal definition has it). Therefore end of question. No intelligent life outside Adam and Eve, our race on earth. To admit the possibility is to admit that there may be other sinless conceptions of rational creatures. This dogma of Faith also condemns evolution of the human body from animal life.