‘They Never Said a Word About Religion’: One Reason Why Edgar Allen Poe Liked the Jesuits

After reading this short piece by Pat McNamara, I was stunned that the early Jesuit founders of Fordham never once, that we know of, asked the very troubled Edgar Allen Poe to become a Catholic. And this was when the Church was strong in America, winning many converts. I am sure that it would not have taken contemporary Father Arnold Damen much time to invite Poe to become Catholic.  The sacraments would have helped the poor man far more than just companionship and scholarly conversation. This is not what Saint Paul meant by “being all things to all men.” A priest, if he is a true father and friend, will not act like a wimp, putting human respect before the saving challenge of Faith.  Sorry, but I do not find this tribute to the early Jesuits of Fordham one bit inspiring. Rather, the opposite.  Read the article here.