This Saturday: Free Online Conference on Christ the King with a Championship Lineup of Speakers!

Locked down on Saturday? We have the perfect thing for you to do while avoiding the hysterical mainstream media! Even if you’re not locked down, it’s worth your time to educate and edify yourself.

On Saturday, April 4th, there will be a free, on line, live streamed, video conference on Catholic social teaching. Organized by Crusade.Live and sponsored by the Crusade Channel and Restoring the Faith Mediathe event will offer lively, comprehensible and orthodox presentations of the authentic social doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Hosted by the popular Catholic radio personality Mike Church, the event will feature such celebrated Catholic scholars, writers and speakers as Dale AhlquistCharles CoulombeRaymond de SouzaDavid WemhoffChristopher Ferrara, Joseph Pearce, and John Rao.

See the spiffy video below and REGISTER NOW!