Thousands Pray Rosary for Peace at University of Nebraska

Bishop James Conley of Lincoln joined them. And under his stewardship the diocese of Lincoln far excels any other US Diocese for priestly vocations. There is a priest here for every 598 Catholics. Compare that with Dallas, for instance, where there is only one priest for every 6229 Catholics. As Taylor Marshall sadly notes Providence RI has zero new seminarians this year 2018. Lincoln has only 97,000 Catholics and yet from 2010-2012 (I do not have 2018 figures) this diocese ordained 22 men. No diocese in the US can compare with that. See Taylor Marshall column about this in the link above.

CNA, Mary Rezac: Usually when thousands gather on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) campus, it’s to cheer on the greatest college football team of all time, the Nebraska Cornhuskers (because this a blog and I’m allowed to say that about my alma mater (people are also there for the marching band which is the Pride of All Nebraska). Read article here.