Three Soldiers

Three soldiers rose up from their tents
And went to join their regiments.

And one said: “Captain, I report
Because I think the war is sport!”

And one said: “Captain, I am here
Because my duty makes it clear.”

And one said: “Captain, I’m afraid
I was not for a soldier made.”

So one in fervor, one in fun,
And one in fright took up a gun.

Three soldiers steps for step went forth
And wheeled from south to west to north,

And while they marched with drums and tunes
Respectively in their platoons,

Beneath three helmets one could trace
A grinning, grave, and groaning face.

Three soldiers lay upon their backs
When bombs came down on bivouacs

And wildly bursting in the air
Destroyed all soldiers everywhere.

So one for pleasure, one for pride,
And one for love a soldier died.

From Boundaries