To One Created

There are three persons I admire tremendously and love the most,
And these are God, The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.

I admire them the most because beyond all others they are
Most personable and permanent and admirable, — much more admirable by far

Than you, or than me, or than what-you-may-call-him, or so-and-so.
We all are technically persons, we are persons of sorts, I know:

But we have no names, save arbitrary tags; and so little are we needed
That our loss to existence, if we were to vanish, would hardly be heeded.

I agree, to be sure, we are not to blame for it: I grant you that, —
Any more than the Earth can be blamed for being round instead of being flat.

But, not to deserve to be blamed for not having a thing, is not
A very good measure of what we are lacking and what we have got.

I admit, furthermore, there is indubitably something to revere
In many of your attractive and temporal qualities, my contingent dear.

But if you and your glories are mutable and mortal, then it cannot be odd
That I do not allow you to shine in my eyes like the glory of God:

Whose triune, personal splendor my mind by the favor of Faith has conceived;
And Who lived and was lovable before any of us loved Him, or before He ever needed to be believed.

From Boundaries