Traditional Catholic Alternatives to Boy Scouts of America?

With the possibility that the BSA will cave to intense pressure, including financial terrorism in the form of attacks upon its corporate sponsors, to overturn their longstanding prohibition of homosexual boys and scout masters, some people, at least, will wonder about what alternatives to the Boy Scouts of America are available.

While the policy change being considered would not directly affect troops that do not want sodomites involved, there is the very real problem of regional activities that gather the various troops of one area for events like a camporee. Homosexual activists being what they are, they will no doubt use these events and this organization to spread their moral contagion.

Can any readers let us know, in the comments box, whether there are traditional Catholic scouting organizations in the USA? Contact information would be appreciated, too. We are aware that they exist in Europe (notably France), but we need to know of such organizations stateside.

Thank you.