Traditional Mass at Two New Hampshire Colleges

The traditional Roman Rite of Mass has made its way onto the campuses of Thomas More College and the College of Saint Mary Magdalen. These are two of the country’s most respected Catholic liberal arts colleges. It so happens that they are both located in New Hampshire. It also happens that our brothers have trained young men who serve as acolytes at both institutions.

If you click on the link to Thomas More’s article, you will see a junior, Michael Bryan, quoted about serving the Mass. He is in the picture, on the far (Gospel) side of the celebrant. Michael is a graduate of our Immaculate Heart of Mary School. Having been taught by our brothers, he served Mass in our little chapel from the time he was in elementary school until his graduation. If you go to the link on Magdalene’s site, you will see Brother Louis Marie and Brother Andre Marie pictured on either side of Father Neil Roy, the College’s chaplain. Brother Louis Marie, our Master of Ceremonies at Saint Benedict Center, trained the young men in the picture and functioned as MC at the All Souls Day Mass, while Brother Andre Marie served as thurifer at that Mass.

Most of our “liturgy work” takes place at home, in our community’s IHM Chapel,  but we are very pleased to be involved, in however small a way, in the promotion of the Church’s traditional liturgy in other locales.