Tucker Interviews a Sober Analyst, Col. Douglas Macgregor, on the Drunken Folly of the Warhawks

The interesting thing about Col. Macgregor’s take — and I am told he is generally a reliable source on military affairs — is that he believes that the war these irresponsible children like Sen. Graham want to get us into is not at all in Israel’s best interest (not to mention our own). He says that we have an obligation “to protect Israel from itself,” which will no doubt bring upon his head the hysterical opprobrium of many pundits less knowledgeable than himself.

He says a lot that is worth hearing about the geopolitics surrounding current events in the Middle East. Those who think we have a duty to destroy Hamas, which we simply cannot do, are inviting world war. Macgregor has done the math; Blinken and company have not.

I suggest we sincerely offer up this Prayer to Our Lady of Palestine for peace and for the protection of the Christians in the Holy Land.