Two Australian College Professors Argue Case for Infanticide

With names that couldn’t sound more Catholic, pro-abortion “ethicists” Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva have ended up here, advocates for Satan at the altar of infanticide.They don’t like the term “infanticide,” however. They prefer to call the killing “after-birth abortion.” The baby, for them, is not defined by what it is (in or out of the womb), but by what the parents intended it to be before birth — a dead “fetus.” So, as the baby exits the mother’s womb it is transformed from a fetus into an infant. But, it would sound terrible for an ethicist, above all people, to justify killing an “infant;” so, change the terminology, or give the baby no identity at all, just call the “procedure” “after-birth abortion.” What is it that is aborted? Not important for Alberto and Francesca. All they will grant is that the thing that is born is a “he” or a “she.” Baby? Person? Infant? Out-of-womb fetus? Handicapped Newborn? Not important. It has no right to life. The only “rights” here, according to our Australian “ethicists” are the rights of the parents, the “family” (if there is one), and — get this! — “society” not to be burdened. Yes, you can read their own shameless words here, carefully put in writing. And they get paid for illuminating students on the issue of ethics. Yes, they get paid for corrupting the empty minds of the clueless. God help us.

Steven Ertelt, Two “ethicists” who are college professors in Australia are furthering the pro-infanticide arguments of American professor Peter Singer by calling for so-called “after-birth abortions.” Read full report here.