Two Cardinals Challenge Summit Bishops to Safeguard Doctrine and Address Homosexuality Issue

Catholic Culture: Cardinals Raymond Burke and Walter Brandmüller have issued a public challenge to bishops to speak out about the current crisis in the Church.

In an open message directed primarily to the presidents of the world’s episcopal conferences, who are meeting at the Vatican this week for a special conference on sexual abuse, the two cardinals exhorted them “to raise your voice to safeguard and proclaim the integrity of the doctrine of the Church.”

Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller insist that Church leaders must address not only the protection of young people from abuse, but a “much greater crisis” in the Church. They point to homosexual influence that “has been spread within the Church, promoted by organized networks and protected by a climate of complicity and a conspiracy of silence.”

“In the face of this situation, cardinals and bishops are silent,” the two cardinals lament. Addressing the bishops gathered in Rome, they ask: “Will you also be silent…?” More on this here.