Uganda Refuses to bow to Social & Cultural Imperialism

(Culture of Life Africa, 2/24/2014) In Europe and US, as far as the LGBT subculture is concerned, everyone is expected to blend in, those who cannot blend in must bend, and those who cannot bend will surely be broken and burnt for good measure.

In this way they have already broken so many. They have shut down businesses, closed down religious adoption services, terminated work contracts, sued dissidents, sacked workers, suspended movie stars,attacked churches, harassed Christian preachers, expelled students, threatened small businesses, punished big businesses , stifled free speech, taken away conscience rights and violated religious liberty.

Yes, those who will not blend will bend , those who will not bend will be broken.

So today as yet another African president has refused to bow before the rainbow flag, we pray that we do not get broken or burnt.

Yes, Ugandan President has defied the raging leaders of the West and signed a bill that prohibits the festering of the LGBT subculture in his country.

Africa upholds truth today, we recommend we all approach this with a lot of love and integrity, this is not about “hatred” or “homophobia”, rather this should attest to the African commitment to promoting and upholding (at all costs) a healthy culture of life, love, faith and family for generations to come.

Anyone who has a problem with the African insistence on traditional marriage could watch the very informative documentary entitled Cultural Imperialism (which can be found on this website).

In a world that is on a very slippery slope, we need African leaders to stand strong and firm in upholding all that is true and good and beautiful for all Africans.