Indigenous Unmarked Graves in Canada a Hoax

The Media Report:

It is yet another case of media hysteria getting ahead of the facts.

In May of 2021, media outlets around the world broadcast shocking news: Catholic-operated schools for indigenous children in Canada had years ago dumped hundreds of dead children into unmarked graves. Weeks later, the media then claimed that some “751 unmarked graves” had been found behind a single residential school.

The predicted frenzy ensued, with Canada’s clownish publicity-seeking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordering the country’s flags to be lowered to half-mast and initiating a “National Day for Truth and Reconciliation” as an acknowledgement of the Church’s guilt. Outlets like the New York Times predictably trumpeted the news, and last February, CBS’ 60 Minutes got in on the act with a long, condemnatory segment hosted by Anderson Cooper bludgeoning the Church. (The 60 Minutes segment was repeated just this past Sunday.)

So worked up by the media frenzy, people torched and vandalized dozens of Catholic churches across Canada, which the media tacitly acknowledged was justified.

And then the facts arrived  See report here.