Looking for a Priest for APRIL: Update on Priest Search

We have had many inquiries in response to our Priest Wanted notice. Thank God, there is a real possibility that we will have a full-time priest at Saint Benedict Center in May.

The position is by no means filled, so we are still on the lookout.

For the time being, we have a venerable old Monsignor offering us Sunday Mass at 2:00 PM. He will also offer the Triduum.

Right now, we are looking for someone who can fill in between Easter (or as soon as possible) and the beginning of May. At the very least, we would like to be covered for the month of April.

Interested priests who are able to offer the traditional Latin Mass are asked to call or send inquiries to Brother André Marie:

Email: bam [at] catholicism [dot] org
Office: 603-239-6485
Mobile: 603-762-2148