Venerable Nelson Baker’s un-PC Prayer

The Servant of God, Father Nelson Baker, recently declared venerable, is a figure that will probably go down in history as one of the great American saints. In the early Church, long before the modern process of canonization, he probably would have been spontaneously canonized by the consensus of the faithful, so conspicuous was his sanctity, so splendid his practice of heroic virtue.

Naturally, such a man was not an apostle of false ecumenism. Progressives would consider him guilty of an outmoded “proselytism,” an “ecumenism of return,” and the much dreaded “you-come-in-ism.” Being a faithful and charitable priest, Venerable Father Nelson Baker wanted non-Catholics to convert to the true Church so that they could save their souls. Witness the prayer on a prayer-card I have from Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity in Lackawanna, New York. It’s called, simply, “Father Baker’s Prayer”:

O Victorious Lady, Thou who has ever such powerful influence with Thy Divine Son, in conquering the hardest of hearts, intercede for those for whom we pray, that their hearts being softened by the rays of Divine Grace, they may return to the unity of the true Faith, through Christ, our Lord. Amen.