Vince Lombardi the Catholic

Very good tribute to a great man. On a personal note, someone I knew years ago was the quarterback for the same high school that gave Vince Lombardy his first coaching job in 1940. That was Saint Cecilia’s in Englewood New Jersey. My old friend played back in the late sixties. And, would you believe it? My friend’s name? Vince Lombardi.

Derek Leaberry for The Remnant:

Vince Lombardi’s brilliance as a football coach was a direct result of his dedication to Catholicism

In the middle of winter, between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday, a secular ritual of nearly fifty years has become part of the American cultural scene. It is called the Super Bowl, the championship game of the interminably long National Football League season. Two weeks of incessant television extravaganza lead up to the game itself, which ends with the winner being awarded the Lombardi Trophy named for a man now 44 years dead but still considered by many to be the greatest football coach in the history of the game. Full story here.