Was Cardinal Pell Falsely Accused and Unjustly Convicted?

Phil Lawler sums up the fraudulent testimony in the accusations of two young men. Lawler does so without offending the reader’s sensibilities with the details of the graphic falsehoods.

Catholic Culture: Cardinal Pell has been convicted of molesting two young men. One of those alleged victims, who is now deceased, denied having been molested. Think about that for a moment: the cardinal stands convicted of a crime that, according to the supposed victim, did not occur.

There’s another alleged victim, of course. He waited years to tell anyone that he had been abused, but that’s not unusual in such cases. (Still it might be noteworthy that the only witness against Pell found his voice just at the time when the cardinal, in his campaign for financial transparency at the Vatican, was rattling the cages of big-money interests.) The accuser could not provide any evidence to back up his story, and that story was full of holes: More here.