‘We Cannot Give Out That Information, It’s Proprietary’

That’s what I was told by a representative of Ken’s Foods after having inquired as to the ingredients they use in their natural flavors for their salad dressing. When you check out information about natural flavoring you find out its no better than artificial flavoring: both use man-made chemical components. Healthline web site says: “Despite their “natural” origins, natural flavors are very similar to artificial flavors. Artificial flavors may even have some advantages.” What they mean by that is that artificial flavors are more regulated.

There you go.

My wife is very concerned (as she should be) about these things because of the use some companies make of flavor enhancers from aborted fetuses. I found it particularly evasive (and dishonest) for a food company to say that the ingredients they use for flavor is “proprietary.” Not to single out Ken’s. No doubt this secrecy is common to most food manufacturers, unless they are organic.