Who Am I?

This one will be brief. I can only give six clues, any more would give my identity away. In order to guess this blessed person you would have to identify her in relation to someone else.


  1. I am not mentioned in holy scripture nor in Church tradition..
  2. My husbands are named. So are their fathers and grandfathers.
  3. I had two sons. (At least that is what an early Jewish Church historian named Hegessipus, who lived from 110-180, wrote. Eusebius, the renowned Church historian of the fourth century, published Hegessipus’ five volumes of early Church history. Saint Jerome often made use of the work of Eusebius for his own work on the Lives of Illustrious Men.)
  4. Both of my sons are named in the Bible. One most prominently so. My other lesser known son is mentioned twice.
  5. My first husband died childless and his brother then married me according to the Law giving me these two sons mentioned above.
  6. There is no human person who was given greater authority on this earth than my most favored son