Who Am I?

I am mentioned only once in the Bible.

Ironically, another disciple has the same surname as I do but his first name is the same as the traitor Iscariot. If I tell you why this is ironic I will give away my identity. My own first name, however, is a great honor to bear.

Tradition has it that I was one of the 72 disciples. And I was. Even though we 72 are not named in the Gospels.

I was very close to Jesus and His twelve Apostles. Actually, I was a disciple of John the Baptist when I first met Christ. 

Because I came in “last place” at a casting I had nothing to do with I was blessed all my adult life to know the joy of being the least of all. 

Pardon the quip. But as Avis used to say: “We try harder!” (than Hertz)

I was appointed in later years to be the bishop of Eleutheropolis an important city in Palestine. There I was martyred in the year 68 under Emperor Vespasian. There I am revered as a saint.