Who Am I?

  1. I am not a saint, not at all. But I was a Catholic.
  2. I spent my younger years in Italy where my father made a living. There I became fluent in Italian. And there our family practiced the Catholic religion.
  3. We returned to the US where my particular talent made me one of the best at what I did.
  4. I broke several records in my field.
  5. I had once commited a sin of infidelity and was assisted through it by a very good priest. You see, because of my fame, that transgression had become public info. The woman ended up dropping the charge which she had only made at the start after realizing who I was.
  6. I learned my lesson and became much more devout with weekly Mass and frequent confession.
  7. I did, however, have to leave Sunday Mass early lest I cause undue attention.
  8. In 2006 my wife and I had a baby girl to add to other siblings. We named her Gianna after Saint Gianna Molla who was canonized only two years before.
  9. I died with my daughter and seven others in a terrible accident in 2020. It was a Sunday and we had just been to Mass and Communion only a few hours before we died.