Who Am I?

Or rather, Who is It?

I am not an “I”.

This is a true story except for the names.

They called me appropriately “Joe”.

I  was raised in an animal shelter under the care of a cusodian named “Wolfgang”.

When I was fully nurtured Wolfgang took me on his power boat and dropped me off way up the river from the shelter. This was about 30 miles away.

This would be my new home as there were many of my kind in this area.

As I watched my custodian leave I wept.

Soon, however, I made friends with the locals, finding one in particular to mate with.

We started a family.

About three years later I heard the familiar sound of a motor boat. It was Wolfgang. He had come to check up on me.

I hopped down to the shore to greet him.

He was so happy to see me  . . . and my family. He never expected to see me again.

The locals were in awe. And my family jumped up and down for joy.

Of course Wolfgang soon had to go . . . and he did.

We all followed the boat down the river waving goodbyes.  Both Wolfgang and I “Joe” were weeping until the boat disappeared from view.